mornings like this
remind me that there is more

the world goes on and on
forever around the next bend

the next draw or downed tree
it’s own universe alive and unsolved

there is no possibility like this
to stand for a moment or longer

cast after cast an admission
how small a space my breath occupies

the sun follows its own arc behind the clouds
deliberate as my line now taut in the current


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6 responses to “TIME ON THE WATER

  1. Julie A. Bowman

    I enjoyed really your poem. Very refreshing piece that put my mind at ease this Valentine’s Day. Being out in nature can quietly put things in perspective that is why I just absolutely cherish every minute I can get out in it.
    Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Matt. I like how centered in nature you are. I also loved your recent post about being strict with your kids. Really lovely.

  3. Caroline Lippert

    Says it all… beautiful… you are awesome!

  4. Enjoyed this ~
    It reminds me of my own ideas that life, is my own individual river. One I stand in, wade in, cast into, flow with and sometimes fight.
    Looking forward to the next bend in the river…

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