I’m going to Oregon and I’m going fishing.
I’m leaving work for a full week in one big hurry. I’ve booked my flight.
Fly rods, reels, flies, waders, boots, rain gear, clothes, camera, notebook, whiskey (snake bites) all need to be packed.
I’m going to stand in rivers like the Deschutes, Crooked and Fall. Knee-to-waist-deep in their shifting story.
I’m going to stand in these rivers and cast flies to brookies, native rainbows and steelhead.
All the stress I’ve picked up and carried around like 80 pounds of crap in an 80 pound bag for the last 6 months will drift off, swirl from eddie to eddie, bust itself on the rocks and disappear downstream, dilute and no longer mine.
I’m going to take pictures of the wildness of the northwest. The immense breath of rock, pine, whitewater and sky. Possibly a fish.
I will tie flies with cold fingers. I will tie them in the rain.
I will make casts that fall brilliantly short.
Rain will drip from the brim of my baseball hat and from pine boughs. The sky a crowded gray.
I will abandon frustration and anger for the humility that a broken leader teaches.
I will sit on boulders larger than imagination and simply listen. I will not interrupt.
Morning chill and possibility. Evening hush and perspective.
Heaven is still.
Solitude will remind me of the beauty of my wife, the pure music of my children. I will finally be awake.
I’m going to Oregon and I’m going fishing.


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9 responses to “DOWNSTREAM

  1. Julie Bowman

    I can’t wait to hear every detail Matt. I really enjoy your reading your writings. – @FieldNStream

  2. Claire

    Beautiful, Matt.

    Have a great time!

    Love, Claire

  3. Tom Murdoch

    Cool, I’m jealose

  4. marcidiehl

    Just reading your post helped me be in that place for a few seconds… reminding me to breathe. I saw a little speck of what you’ll experience when I was in Glacier National Park on a Walk in the Pines trail. “Heaven is still.” It’s so easy to forget that. Bon voyage, Matt!

  5. A fishing poet you are indeed. Wishing you well on your trip, your experiences and your observations. Take good notes, a few naps and I’ll look forward to reading about it through the wisdom of your words~

  6. The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

    • gualetar – thanks for your comment…happy to see that I’m getting seen in Turkey! Not sure how to reply to your clarity question, other than it might be a matter of writing style. Poetry, at least my poetry, in many cases lives as image and story – meant to evoke a sense of place and action and emotion. If you could expand on what you mean?


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