Fishingpoet now has it’s own newly minted URL: fishingpoet.com

On the great advice of some folks who have been the iffy road of free blogging platforms before, I decided to put this journey called fishingpoet into a better pair of waders and boots and really get out into the current of this crazy electronic river. I’ll still be writing stories and poetry about fishing, hunting, fatherhood and my time in the Army, I’ll just be doing it on a site that is truly my own.

For those who have subscribed to this wordpress site, it’s easy to now follow at the new address. You can simply bookmark it or subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll get notifications just like you do now.

Thanks all.

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One response to “WELL, IT’S OFFICIAL

  1. Huzzah! Welcome to the majors, sir.

    And Smythe fans: Be sure to come see Matt read at St. John Fisher College on May 5. Details at http://jasoncrane.org/events.

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