One very cool thing about this blog is the fact that my kids, when they’re old enough to appreciate it, will have a pretty exhaustive chronicle of who their dad is – through writing and pictures. I get the biggest kick out of looking at old photos of my parents when they were young and full of promise (translated: before mom was pregnant with me). The best are the backyard BBQ’s – dad in cut-off jean shorts, no shirt and a kick ass mustache. Mom in a tank-top, long hair and always side-lit by sun. I’m happy that my kids will have the same opportunity to get a kick out of my meandering.

On my trip, I was able to go one further than just snapping pics though. I took some video too…and it needs to be mentioned that all the pics and video I took were on my Droid. Freaking cool. So, over the last few evenings, I spent a little time editing some live-action and a handful of stills. I’m not smelling any Emmys, but it’s as true as it gets to the great time I had on the road, game-trails, boulder fields and water with Josh. Enjoy.

Traveling Riverside Blues from Matt on Vimeo.


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8 responses to “THE TRIP. THE VIDEO.

  1. Very cool. My sons and I just watched this together. They had a million questions, as you can imagine.

  2. Good times… good times.

  3. Joe

    Great video Matt. Makes me want to get a Droid and go fishing too.

  4. Laura

    Hey Matt! Looks like an awesome trip! The landscape is beautiful. Tim and I just got Droid phones and we love them, it’s pretty amazing what a phone can do these days!

    • Fishingpoet

      Thanks for the shout! It was too cool.
      and yea, they are pretty damn sweet…and I’m not even using a fraction of what they’re capable of. In due time, I guess.

  5. That was from a Droid phone?? I’m impressed! Great video, perfect music and a couple of smiling fisherman. Does it get any better than that? Oh, and pretty fish~

  6. Lori

    What a marvelous blog Matt..I am lovin it !

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