OK folks…the big giveaway is here. I’ve managed to blog my way through a whole year and have had some great support and response. As a thank you, I’m giving away 5 of the new fishingpoet T-shirts. Winner’s choice of color.

O.D. green - for those times you find yourself inexplicably drawn to the outdoors...

...and sport gray for those times you find yourself, inexplicably, in need of workout gear.

The random drawing will be held on Friday November 5th from the Facebook fan-base. Become a fan (if you aren’t already), subscribe to the blog and share this with folks you think would appreciate it. If you aren’t on FB, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to get you in.

Here’s to many more years to come!


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  1. nicky fabbrini

    Congrats on one year! Found you through Bjorn at Bonefish on the Brain.

  2. Derrol Hammer

    A wonderful blog where we can enjoy words from someone who may never have passed a publisher’s muster, but still has much offer to a modest audience.

    • Fishingpoet

      Thanks Derrol. Although I have been fortunate to have found myself on the friendly-side of some journal editors, primarily poetry 🙂

  3. Brian Boesche

    Congrats to you, Matt! Great looking shirts as well!

  4. Excellent looking site and I am extremely impressed with the amount of writing you have been doing. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more of the same great content. I just passed my one year mark as well, so congrats. I would love to be in the mix for one of those shirts. Thanks again and congrats.


    • Fishingpoet

      Hey Ben! Thanks for the shout and congrats to you as well. Looking forward to pending some time reading through your blog. I’ll make sure to get you on my blogroll – and in the shirt mix – as well.

  5. EISurfBum

    Great blog with great writing. I can tell you write from your heart. Would love to wear one of your shirts on the Carolina Coast.

  6. Count me in, and congratulations on the anniversary. I’m coming up on a year soon as well.

  7. Dave W.

    Well, I hope you already know that I want in on this… 🙂

  8. meg

    Congratulations on the one year anniversary! That is no small feat and I have really enjoyed your ‘felt from the heart’ posts.

  9. Kelli

    Congrats on a beautiful and most successful year!!!! I am not apart of the blog world but continue to be a big fan of my dearest friend!!! ~ I want to sport one of your cool shirts!! Here is to you and many more years of doing what you love and do so well!!!!

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