Before I announce the winners of the first-ever fishingpoet T-shirt giveaway, I’d like to again say thank you to everyone that has stopped by regularly, or even once in a while over the last (now) 14 months, to catch up on the stories, poetry and such that I put up here. It’s a very cool thing to know that folks are reading.

Enough of the sentimental baloney…here are your 5 winners!

Josh Bergan
Rob DeVore
Kyle Johnson
Robert Wilding
Jean-Paul Lipton

If you didn’t win, don’t fret. I’ll have the T-shirts for sale – $15 each/2 for $25. Decals will be $4 each/2 for $6.

For the guys

For the ladies

I’ll be making donations from the proceeds to support local grassroots wood, water and wildlife conservation programs around the country. I’ll be featuring a new group every other month, sharing  their story and mission, and making a donation to help their cause. That’s the hope anyhow…guess we’ll see how it goes.

Check out the first featured org here, and thanks again for your support.


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2 responses to “FREE T’s & MANY THANKS

  1. Rob

    Very nice! I really like your logo!

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