Less than a couple weeks.

That’s what I’ve got left of the day job. That’s all that’s left of the twice daily auto-pilot-and-iPod-mix of Route 332, New York State Thruway, I-490 and Route 441 to and from my chair and change-order-covered desk. I gave a months notice over half a month ago and it’s getting good and damn close to my saddle-up moment. I feel that from-the-nuts yee-haw holler — my own declaration of independence — just waiting for me to pull over on a country road that last drive home, get out and startle crows from the trees. If I had a Stetson (and a trusty steed), I’d waive that sonofabitch in the air while I was pulling an equine wheelie.

As near as I can tell I am of sound mind and body, so I’m gettin’ out while the gettin’ is good. I’m leaving because I’ve got shit to do and a finite amount of time to do it in. I’m leaving because my kids will go to bed in pajamas tonight and wake up married and expecting my first grandbaby tomorrow. I’m leaving because I’m an idealist who isn’t afraid of getting punched in the mouth. To taste your own busted, bloody lip is to discover that you’re made of more than you think. I already know I’m made of more. It’s time to knuckle-up.

I’m getting back to what I’m passionate about: writing, my family and the outdoors. The specifics don’t so much matter here. Those are details for other venues and conversations. But I will tell you, life’s too short for vocation and avocation to be mutually exclusive…and too long to lament if they are.



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32 responses to “MAY ONE. DAY ONE.

  1. How very cool, I am jealous.

    I hope all goes well! Best of luck.

  2. Good luck in whatever you end up doing! Add me to the “jealous” list!

  3. Amen Brother! With the words shared in “May One. Day One.” I can tell you have made a wise choice. I could actually see the nostrils of your stallion – black of course – flaring up as the hairs on his mane blew effortlessly with the motion of the equine wheelie. Ride like the wind Bullzeye!

  4. More power to you! I made a pact with high nature pick the time for me. I was fed up after years of IT. I decided when I saw 5 crows flying, I would pull the pin. Needless to say, I spent a few more years suffering while scanning the skys for those birds.

    They showed up in Yosemite, barreling thru the tall pines and having a blast. Retired about a year and a half ago. I should have made the pact with 1 crow.

    • Fishingpoet

      If you made the pact with one crow, I bet you wouldn’t be where you are now. Five set the bar…
      Thanks for the shout. Glad to have you stopping by.

  5. Fabulous and good for you. I’d wish you good luck but I don’t think you need my wishes. You’re making your own good luck.

  6. I did it 4 years ago. Could have worked another decade, but for what? Simplify and love life, my friend. You’ll never look back.

    • Fishingpoet

      Thanks Mike. That’s what I like to hear.
      By the way, I’ve got family in Hendersonville. Love North Carolina.

  7. Hey, Matt. I love the part about not being afraid of getting punched in the mouth, etc. 🙂 Great example for your kids! They’re great at helping you put things in perspective, right? So happy for you. You’ve been working on this for a while. Enjoy! I know you will!

  8. “To taste your own busted, bloody lip is to discover that you’re made of more than you think.”… that. I have a moleskin that is reserved for things well said….just added that line. Left my “dream job” five years ago to start my own thing….scary as hell…..and a grind but the best decision i ever made….congrats. Great writing, perfect way to end my day glad i saw it.

  9. Dave La Barge

    Good for you Matt, good for you.

    Great post.

  10. Raise hell brother. This post is what my dreams are made of.

    Until then, I’ll continue to get punched in the mouth in my beautifully gray cube. I wish there was a college degree for drinking beers, hooking fish and calling ducks.

    That’s a Master’s program with some real world application. Who needs more Marketing and Public Relations anyway?

    You hiring?


    • Fishingpoet

      Thanks Pete. Been wrestling with this for a while and I’m relieved to have finally, as my brother-in-law says, “stepped off the curb into traffic.” Who knows, I might very well wind up needing someone to spearhead world domination in MI soon. I know who to call. Keep your dukes up boss.

  11. Congratulations on breaking the chains that confine far too many of us. Best of luck. Get on with the life part of living!

  12. Awesome! Congrats to you! This is my dream — to write. Beautiful words, blog, writing, photos. I subscribed by email….will be back for more…

  13. Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from someone who is farther on up ahead!

  14. Marc Crapo

    while I was pulling an equine wheelie

  15. Congrats! …and if possible, try to document that equine wheelie.


  16. I’m with you man. Working my way toward the same thing. I hope it all works out well for you.

  17. Ross aka the flytyinfreak

    Knuckle up and double down! Time to “git some” Matt!

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