Four rows for a reason

By quarter-to-six the decoys looked perfect in the field out front of the blind, a coyote had drifted across the field like a sneaky shadow, and the cadence from the inmates at Willard was on the breeze. From 7 miles away its population of convicted drug-addicts were out for their red jumpsuit left-right-left rain or shine morning constitutional.

We called to tight-beaked turkeys in the woods.
The eerie echo of felons in cyclone fence was the only response.

Right set-up. Wrong birds.


Filed under In the woods

8 responses to “CRACK OF DAWN

  1. Can’t wait to get into the woods this weekend chasing some thunder chickens. Hope you get your bird.

  2. Very, very interesting little piece – very well done. THANKS!

  3. Carol

    Ah…Nothing like the sight of the rest-breasted jailbird in the morning.

  4. wallace

    It was a good morning. Wish you could have stuck around for the afternoon trout fish! The Browns were hitting anything we threw in the creek. Kids got good practice using bloodworms we found under logs….beautiful day.

    • Fishingpoet

      That’s awesome. The fam will definitely be up with me next time. Thanks again for the hospitality…

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