I’ve managed to get myself tied into a trip to Idaho with a close friend of mine. We’re going for work. Just enough work to be able to write-off all the fishing we’ve got planned. And according to the folks we’ve got plans to fish with, we’re very likely to end up tangling with browns that would likely rival, in weight and strength, opponents I faced on the wrestling mat in high school. If that’s the case, I’m going Vision Quest on some bruiser browns. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.

The fight’s inevitable. Bring it.


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7 responses to “GRAPPLE AND GRIN

  1. Ah, the glory days when a bloody nose didn’t require rubber gloves and a haz-mat team to scrub the entire gym. Recommend you don’t shoot a single or double leg because, well, fish have no legs.

    Stick ’em.

  2. Rich LaFlam

    Fishing? Work? Since when do they go together! Have fun “working” on that trip Matt!

  3. Get after ’em son. Nothing is better than traveling to hunt or fish. Or I mean work…yeah…that’s it. Work.

  4. If you are going where I think you are going…you better have a very LARGE net!! Have a great time. : )

    • fishingpoet

      I just found your comment in the spam folder! Ugghhh….
      We did go where you think we went…but without a net. Nothing like making things more difficult 🙂
      It was unbelievable.
      Thanks for the shout.

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