First fly rod pike

First fly rod pike

It was a morning like any other morning on the water.

Then it wasn’t.

Big nasty got a whole jaw-full of strip-set-streamer-and-eight-weight comeuppance.

Toothy sonofabitch.


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22 responses to “BLOODY KNUCKLES

  1. Sweet pike, Matt! Sex Dungeons ain’t just for Idaho trout, are they? Cool deal.

  2. Michelle Dallas

    So jealous! They are my favorite fish of all time! So much fun to catch!

  3. Well played. Love catching pike on the fly.

  4. I gotta admit, never caught one. Never seen one. They’re in the lower Bitterroot which I fished in August, and while we kept our eyes peeled we didn’t see one. kept our toes out of the water, too. Good on ye, man–looks like you’re not missing Idaho one bit!

    • fishingpoet

      Idaho will always be the land that lit the fire.
      Good policy not to temp them with the piggies…especially when they out-size your leg.

  5. brett wood

    That was a warm up- wait and i’ll have you out when those are small ones and that 40++ incher will be on the line. Gd time! I dusted off my old Cortland and caught 20 sunnies and 4 bass to cap off the evening!
    Conesus lake!

  6. Nice!
    I’ve personally never caught one but by the looks of it, I’m missing out on some toothy excitement ~

  7. Jinx!!! I went piking this morning too….they’re awesome (and addicting on a fly rod) and downright frightening. And 4 a.m. wake ups are brutal.

    • fishingpoet

      Ha! Great minds fish alike!
      Mine morning was 5:15, but my drive was also only 35 minutes.
      I agree on awesome. I’m definitely going to be making a habit of chasing them.

  8. Ross aka the flytyinfreak

    BAM! How would you like some big fat juicy flytyinfreak streamers? Never tested em on Pike.

  9. Congrats! I’ll bet YOU get ‘hooked’ on catching snot rockets on fluff. I look forward to catching a few with you one of these days Matt.

    • fishingpoet

      Hey Joe. I am hooked.
      Let me know when you get back over this way. We could probably grab Dave too.
      Just need to locate a boat…

  10. Gators on the fly. Now that’s hand-to-tooth combat brother. Keep slinging and watch your fingers!

    These Michigan gators have to contend with me in a few months when the lakes freeze. Between tip-ups, jigging and spearing my crew have been known to ice quite a few.

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