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…and sometimes you throw a punch that starts from your toes and finishes with you standing over him saying get up…I’m not done with you yet.

This here’s the long haul. You’re either all-in or your not.

Big props to Eric Hornung for the design, ink and old-school hip-hop buffet while in the chair. Check him out at erichornung.com.


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6 responses to “LONG HAUL

  1. Matt,
    It was great seeing this come from a brief conversation in March to the fruition of a tattoo in November. Thanks for making the trek down. I enjoyed our visit and was pleased by the resulting tattoo. Way to sit.

  2. Nice. I really like very original tattoos that reflect someone’s passion. I got mine when I turned 40. It was just for me, not to show off, and reflects what’s important to me in my life. I don’t really think I was ready to make a smart choice about a tattoo until that stage in my life. It wasn’t done on a whim and whenever I need to refocus, I can reflect on the tattoo and get my priorities back on course.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • fishingpoet

      My rationale is exactly the same as yours, Joe… well, except for the fact that I put up pics before, during and after the whole deal…and I already had some other tattoos from my time in the service.
      Other than that, I’m totally with you 🙂

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