DAY 360

It’s five days shy of the new year.

Holy. Crap.

Not sure if it goes without saying, but every time the calendar reaches the last page and more days are crossed off, it tends to become the season for self-reflection and assessing the events of the past year. I hate looking back – mainly because I’m a sentimental fool. It’s a slippery, emotional slope. But yet I do, year after year, because sentiment teaches me how to pay better attention while I’m making my way through today.

This past year, I’ve run the gamut from riding an ecstatic high to having my cup checked on more than one occasion. Between my freelance business, time with family, time in the woods and on the water, travel, making new friends and building stronger relationships with the friends I already have, it’s been a crazy 360 days – and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always as appreciative as I should be with the fantastic cards I’m being dealt. As a matter of fact, I know I down-right suck at it many days. I also know that it could all go away in the smallest of heartbeats.

And so, I stop and look back – allow myself some time to be sentimental and run through all of the joy, sorrow, peace, turmoil, hopelessness and fulfillment that come with it. I let myself ease on down that slippery slope.

But just like sliding down that riverbank to the spot on the river that painful-few brave souls try – cussing myself out because I’ve punctured my waders, dropped fly boxes and snagged my face and hands on thorns before stopping, looking back, smiling and turning to the river and it’s un-pestered denizens – so it is looking back at 2012. This year has been fantastic. And I’ve jumped through my own ass to get to this day. But it’s not about jumping through my own ass. Now it’s about finding my center again – and re-focusing on being the best dad, husband and friend I can be.

So, here’s to a little sentimentality in all of our lives. Have a safe and fantastic New Year.

And now, because I had a year in which I actually experienced what it’s like to be able to generate fish-porn, in addition to being on the water with the kids more than I’ve ever been, here’s a little retrospective from ought-twelve.



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16 responses to “DAY 360

  1. Great recap vid… Loved it! So many places to go, so not enough time. But, looks like you did pretty well balancing everything out.

    • fishingpoet

      Thanks, Emily! It’s a lot easier to balance when the young’uns are able to get out and push weight with you. Happy New Year!

  2. Reading this post, I couldn’t help noticing that the one thing you havent bemoaned, is not getting out on the water enough. Most people do. So in my book you are mastering things! Good on you. And may you have a good 2013.

    • fishingpoet

      Ha! That is one thing I most definitely can not complain about, for sure. Thanks for the shout – and have a fantastic New Year yourself!

  3. What are you deaf?
    No no, he’s Hi-Tek
    He’s Def

    Craziest boat ride of my life was with Mr. Dunn on the PM this year. Keep on doing what you’re doing homie, cause you’re doing it right.

    • fishingpoet

      Yessir. Crazy’s about right. Especially with Mr. Landeen in the mix too. And it was effing headache-cold.
      Thanks for the shout, bro. Much obliged.

  4. If you don’t get sentimental after a year like that, you need to get your head examined. Good times…nicely done.

  5. It was a pleasure getting to see a glimpse into your life and to make your acquaintance. Thanks for the awesome video recap- you truly do inspire myself and many, I hope to do the same in the coming years. Next time you make it to the Mitten State, we must share some water chasing chrome or tagging blue haloed brookies. Here is to 2013! Cheers and Tight Lines!!

    • fishingpoet

      Thank you, Koz. It’s been great connecting with you as well, and I appreciate the support you’ve shown for ADL and the blog.
      Let’s see about hooking up some sort of fishing trip with Misters Cerveniak and Tucker.

      All the best in 2013!

  6. Sweet. That’s my kind of review. May there be more – LOTS more – of that kind of stuff around the corner in 2013. Happy New Year, Matt!

  7. 2012 was an asshole. I’m glad to see it go.

    It was a frustrating year, personally, with most of the high points all happening while chasing fish and birds all over this great country. See a correlation? I do.

    Fish more. Hunt more. Enjoy more.

    Best to you, Matt, as you chase this dream onto 2013. I’m rooting for you.

    Great video!

    • fishingpoet

      Dude, I could not agree more – hunt more, fish more, enjoy more. Sounds like the perfect ’13 trifecta to me!

      Thank you for your support, Pete. I’m rooting for you as well.

      (sorry for the slow response…)

  8. Well said Matt. I guess great minds think alike?

    That’s a little too much flattery on my part, Ill admit. Have a great ’13 and may it be better than ’12.

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