automatic traffic planes whine below city sound city life even in almost single-digit daylight still busy full moving this is Friday another thought another song just over the bridge empty off-ramp subway stop overhead aimed uptown balconies stacked low-rent high-rise geometry lesson the humanity of park benches and concrete checker games abandoned devoid of banter spoken in worn corduroy cigars dice and singles styrofoam coffee cups huddled in corners alleys chain-link pick-up games collars turned to Battery Park cold front squalling this road is potholes brake lights black-on-orange graffiti from 1986 tired NYPD on patrol my heater on low songs that feel like the answer to prayers close enough to share the same shadow



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12 responses to “1.6 MILES FROM LAGUARDIA

  1. I found myself enthralled mentally putting in commas picking out the pieces dissecting inspecting resurrecting the images awash in perfect slate gray mood.

    Beautifully done, Matt.

    • fishingpoet

      Anytime I can get people to actually interact with what I write – that’s a good thing. I appreciate the kudos, Mike. And your readership.

  2. Squirming with claustrophobic itch, suburban flight with the great black beast shotgun to the Black Keys in the semi-new fishin rig slicing and sliding down the road on the far side of the river tracks in white and grey with the peace of a mid winter calm. I love Idaho! Thanks for reminding me why.

  3. Betsy

    For some reason I want to break into a rap. Good to see you putting pen to paper; or rather fingers to keys… Always a pleasure!

  4. I like the stream Matt. Although Ive only been to NYC a few times, I can relate. Well phrased.

  5. Betsy

    You mean you didn’t know you had the ability to write lyrics for rap? WHAT? Add that to the resume. lol! It was just the way the words flowed. Rappers don’t take a breath, they just move through the words. For the summary of 2013; discovered new talent as a rapper lyrics writer. Think of all the possibilities. 😉

  6. Betsy

    New name for your website..FishingRapper.com

  7. Word.

    Crap. “Word” is too short a response so now I have to add extra words and punctuation which only adds irony.

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