Skiff full-on running out of Islamorada open water pounding wave to wave in the backcountry fleeting bottom playing tag rising and falling beneath our haul and current rip sprawling flat to white sand pothole to grass edge to channel to suddenly skinny water again and again four days in a row dockside coffee and painfully gorgeous sunrises bow to still blazing overcast-and-blue to slate gray and blackening skies clouds rising up and over dragging walls of rain blasting the water’s surface swallowing each key erasing each from the horizon south north west east sounding like the wind in the hardwood leaves of my northeast youth rod tips buzzing electrically current finding its obvious channel we don’t abide till evening sore backs or empty gas tanks force us grudgingly to the take out

Here we are four names from four corners that have become grateful handshakes beers laughs and stories here we are comrades in hard-fought long-ass patrols staring in shit light at likely expanses for tails shadows pushes nervous water fish that make you forget to breathe here we have discovered that time is nothing and timing is everything here we wade into the psychedelic sunset and gulf-side glass philosophy of fly proportions hypothesize about the geometry of presentations and 30 knot right-shoulder double-hauls theorize about instinct and the insanity that should ensue and consider the futility of our efforts reliving every short-strike follow spook snub blown shot or un-buttoned fish grateful for the few brilliant cold bodies we brought to hand here we may be humbled and mortal but here our souls have discovered immortality

Immortality. Photo by Eric Estrada


Thanks need to go out to those Comrades mentioned above: Davin Ebanks (, Bjorn Stromsness (, Adrienne Comeau ( and Eric Estrada ( Thanks also to Mark Richens of Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods for generously putting us up (and putting up with us) for the weekend and the fine folks at Skinny Water Culture and Fishpond for the gear.


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8 responses to “SKIFF FULL-ON RUNNING

  1. This is great. Streaming imagery.

    “30 knot right-shoulder double-hauls” makes me cringe with memories of “Gamakatsu-elbow”.

  2. Classic. So many great lines in there. Love the red on a fly. Thats on my bucket list for sure.

    • fishingpoet

      Pete, you’ll flip when you see them out there nosing around and then dropping like a ton of brick on your fly. I’m sold.

      Thanks for the shout!

  3. Skiff Full-On Running reminds of a blues song title.

    • fishingpoet

      I’ll write it if you come up with the tune, boss. Might have to get back down there for some video footage though…

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