The boys and I and my friend Jason hit opening day of trout season on a reasonably-kept secret Finger Lakes stream again this past April first. I don’t know if two years counts as tradition, but I’m gonna say we’ve got the start of one on our hands. Once we traipsed past the set-up-camp-on-the-closest-damn-hole-to-the-road-and-dunk-the-hell-out-of-egg-sacks-and-worms crew, we found some space and water. And the snow flew. And the temps had the boys putting their hands in their armpits. And I have no idea how the fish we found made it to where we found them. And a video was made to the Beasties. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.


Filed under Fatherhood and venison jerkey, On the water

6 responses to “THAT IS THE TEMPO

  1. Ross aka the flytyinfreak Slayton

    AWESOME! Totally enjoyed the vid, You got a couple of straight up fishbums on your hands that buddy, Good on yah!

  2. A few shots with that negative camera treatment and that could’ve been the video for what’cha want. Only with a big fat trout. Tight work my man.

  3. Sweet video! Thats a tough looking crew you’ve got. Way to get after it.

    • fishingpoet

      Ha! Thanks, Steven. Yea, they’re a hearty bunch. They’d better be if they’re going to have to cart my old ass around the country eventually 🙂

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