Electronic communications will stop somewhere short of my location
for the next week. I’ll catch up with you when I get back on 7/23.

Be well.

I haven’t used my out-of-office reply in a long time. And it’s not because I haven’t been traveling or haven’t been out of the office. I have. A lot. It’s because I haven’t allowed myself the chance to unplug, disconnect, drop the leash…to simply let go. I’ve been white knuckling my life for a while now. The honest and honestly tough reality of trying to lead a deliberate life…shit does not get any easier or less busy.

But today…

Today I fly to Alaska for the first time in my life to fish for salmon and experience the Tongass National Forest (as a close friend reminded me – first in a lifetime, not once in a lifetime). Today I open my mind and soul to the wisdom that wilderness can teach and get an honest-to-god chance at an actual clean slate. Today I am a wide-armed, chest-full inhale and exhale that ends in a glorious, inarticulate harmony of pain, praise and the sprawling cacophony of sunrise. Today all bets are off and I’m all-in.

Today, you all get my out-of-office reply.


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4 responses to “OUT OF OFFICE

  1. enjoy. a very large part of me is jealous. it is on my bucket list.
    Tight Lines,

  2. Betsy

    Glad to see you’ve “unhooked”. Probably a very good choice. You have a wise friend in saying “it’s a first in a lifetime.” Embrace, enjoy, and most of all, let go. You can be deliberate as all hell when you get back. 😉 Have fun my friend!

  3. I saw the article in the newest issue of TROUT and boy I bet you all had a blast! What an amazing opportunity for everyone and kudos to you for getting the chance to experience this.

    • fishingpoet

      Well, you’re one up on me…haven’t received my copy yet! It was absolutely a fantastic experience. Thanks for the shout!

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