The short story:
Father, writer, outdoorsman, veteran.

The longer story:
Stay tuned.

Side note: On purpose or on accident, you’ve managed to find your way here. That’s a very cool thing. I’d be much obliged if you’d subscribe to fishingpoet and keep up with that longer story.


2 responses to “About

  1. Dear Matt Smythe,

    Greetings from the Yale Anglers’ Journal. We are proud to announce that we have begun work on the latest edition of the Yale Anglers’ Journal, which is to hopefully be released at the end of this year. As you are a past contributor to the Yale Anglers’ Journal, we cherish and appreciate your work, and would like to take this opportunity to solicit more to be considered in the upcoming issue. We are looking for both poetry and prose pieces. If you have any writing you deem worthy for submission, we would love to consider it for publication. We thank you for your time and commitment to angling literature, your past submission, and hopefully much more to come.


    The Yale Anglers’ Journal

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