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In establishing a gear review section on here, I became immediately aware of the fact that actually having new gear to review is sort of a necessary component. Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a some very cool items come my way recently, which I will be writing about in the next few weeks. Here’s a brief preview:

The first two opportunities came through Rebecca and Joe over at the Outdoor Blogger Network via their well-built (and growing) gear review program.

This just in...

The first is the SOG Aura Hunting knife, which I just received in the mail today. There’s a couple weeks of archery and muzzleloader season left and I’ve got a couple tags left to fill. With any luck (and a W/SW wind) I’ll be putting this impressive knife through it’s paces.

Getting the dekes off my back

The second is the Jet Sled from Shappell. The snow is flying and late goose season opens Christmas weekend. In the absence of an ATV and trailer, I’ve humped enough decoy bags into the field to appreciate the benefit of a quality hunting sled. And it’s in camo, no less. Win, win.

Nothing but wood goodness

And finally, I’ll be spending some time at the archery range with a selection of BlackWidow custom recurves, and possibly a longbow. Thanks to my friend Grant Taylor, who is very well-liked by the folks at BW, we get to practice some instinctive shooting with these gorgeous, wood-works of art.

Looking forward to some quality time with some quality gear. Stay tuned.


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