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That's my boy. It's gotta be the haircut.

That's my boy. It's gotta be the haircut.

We don’t golf on no steenking golf course.
We’re to busy catching bass and laughing at your drives.


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Few things in life take me back to childhood summers faster than chasing largemouth. Mixing up that chase with a fly rod now, makes it just that much more fun.

Fish on...and on, and on

I was asked by the good folks over at Bloodknot Magazine to write a piece for their next issue. I pitched fly fishing for my beloved largemouth as a topic, with a little camera help (see above) from my friend and photographer, Grant Taylor (who you might remember from my Bowhunting Book post). Fish on.

It isn’t written yet, so…patience. In the mean-time, keep an eye out on their site, or give them a follow on Twitter (@bloodknotmag) for the shout.

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