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I had the rare opportunity to spend a day shooting custom-made exotic-wood Black Widow recurves and longbows this past Saturday with my dad and Grant Taylor. Grant was enlisted to do some higher-end product photography for BW and was sent almost 10-grand worth of these amazing bows to work with (and shoot while he was at it).

This was only my second time shooting traditional. Ever. The first being two weeks earlier. I will hunt big game with one of these at some point. It was that solid of an experience. I’ll figure out the whole how-to-afford-it thing later…

While I work on the story, I thought I’d share some of Grant’s shots of our… shoot.

Focusing on a very small spot

Dad and longbow

Beaver tail grip on the longbow

Grant taking aim with a recurve

My favorite...the Camo Hunter

Arrow in flight

My last group. I'm beyond sold...

I just really dig this shot of dad and I


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